Mastering the Lightning Network

Mastering the Lightning Network is a technical book by O’Reilly Media, about the Lightning Network (LN), a protocol layer that runs on top of bitcoin and other open blockchains to provide near-instant, cheap and secure payments. 

The book was announced on August 28th 2019 as a collaboration between Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Olaoluwa Osuntokun (roasbeef) and René Pickhardt

Mastering the Lightning Network was published in December 2021.

As an open-source book, Mastering the Lightning Network will be free to read and share from the very first sentence. A year after publication the license becomes even more open, allowing derivative and commercial use of all the content.

Open Publishing

We write our book on Github, in a public repository. You can follow the progress and contribute too.

Open Reading

You can read the entire book, exactly as published, for free.

Open License

We publish under Creative Commons licenses. CC-BY-NC-ND while writing and for the first year of publication, CC-BY-SA after the first year.